Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mill Cities Relay

What a ROAG all star team we had. Every one of the guys ran faster then they and I predicted. Of the 215+ teams I think we finished around 34th over all (sorry Joe but we gave it all we had but couldn't pull out the win).

Tom started us off on very slippery footing and put us in fine position to hunt deer. My goal was to track down at least 5 people (deer). When I took the baton from Tom the footing was very slippery in the transition area. Once on the road I shifted into high gear and started picking off deer. With in the first 3 minutes I had my 5 bagged. Time to reset my goals. 20 deer or die trying! I continued to run with good form and kept the deer on the run. By mile 3 I had 20 down, OK with 1.75 to go, lets shoot for 30. I'm a finally tuned racing machine, I'm thinking to myself. 21 bagged, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 OH no I'm running out of road. I can see Mike with his aerodynamic look with just shorts, a singlet and arm warmers. OH SH!t some young girl is trying to pass me back, time to kick, I'm red lining, dam young legs, this sucks!!!

I handed off and Mike O and he takes it OUT HARD. He's flying. Now I'm worried that we won't make it to the next transition to see Mike hand off to David. As we pass Mike I hang out the window and yell "get moving you f'n pu$$y". Pete then points out to me "gee I wonder what the girl in front of him just thought when you yelled that" OH Well. We get there with 1 minute to spare. Mike picks off 6+ people. What a performance, with only 2.5 miles to run it's very hard to even catch 1 person.

David takes the baton and he's off to the races. Now David has to run the first mile on a path that runs along the river. This path ends up being very slippery and David manages to drop the baton and he doesn't even notice. A guy in back of him yells out and David stops and heads back to get the baton. (If we miss breaking 3 hours I'm going to fry David). David has the long leg 9.5 miles. He hammers it faster per mile then any of us are able to do with our leg. WOW, he finishes and doesn't even look like he ran hard. WTF!!! He even caught 10+ people which is amazing because the field is now spread out over the 22+ miles we have completed.

Now it's Pete's turn to bring us home. As Pete took the baton I took a look at the clock and we have a chance of breaking 3 hours. Only if Pete can run sub 7 minute miles. We know he can so things are looking good. As we are standing at the finish line watching the clock we can see a good 600 yards down the road. With the clock hitting 2:56 we see that destinktive stride turning the corner. He's going to do it!! Come on PETE!!! Pete not only ran sub 7 minute miles but ran some where around 6:45's. He also pasted 5+ people including the girl who was wearing antennas. What an effort!!!!

We were one very proud team. All the early morning runs payed off in a big way.

Thanks guys I very proud to say that I was a member of this team.