Sunday, October 11, 2009

Were have I been

It's been a while since I've updated my blog. I've been busy and have done a couple of races. I did Reach the Beach as part of acidotic-X team. In this race we were one runner short and I volunteered to run a 4th leg. The first 3 legs went as expected, with me averaging around 7 minute miles. As I lied on the grass getting ready for my fourth leg I was dead tired and didn't know how I was going to dig up the energy to run. So I decided to go "Old School". Before there was Gatoraide or GU or Powerbars there was a secret weapon that us runners used during long races. We would set it out during our long runs and have friends hand it to us during marathons. That secret weapon is Coke. It gives you a quick energy boost and doesn't upset your stomach. The way you keep it from upsetting you stomach is to cut it with water and that defizzes it. So I drank down 12 oz of Coke with 12 oz of water and I was good to go. I ran the last leg faster then I did any other leg. Mission accomplished.

Last weekend I did the adventure race Pinnacle Challenge up in Newport, NH. This race has 4 legs to it and I did the race as part of a 4 person coed relay team. Our team came in 3 in the coed division and all walked away with a jug of maple suryup for our efforts.

This weekend I took it easy as I get ready for the Bay State Marathon next Sunday. I'm not well trained but will gut out at least the first half of the race in an effort to help out David Katz run a sub 3 hour marathon. David is in fantastic shape and has more then a good chance of being successful.

I will update my blog next week after the race. Good luck to all those running Bay State. It's a fantastic race to use as a qualifier for Boston for a couple of reasons. First the course is flat and runs along side a river for 2 loops. Second, the timing of the race lets you get a qualifier for Boston for 2 years. Lets hope for good weather (45 degrees) and no wind.